50 Ways to Fund Your Worldschool Trip

Updated: Mar 21

Here's a list we've compiled of some fun ways to fund your travel. Be creative and send us any tips you think we should add!

1. Odd jobs (lawn care, gardening, babysitting, dog walking, house painting etc.)

2. Go Fund Me or similar fundraising site where you can ask friends and family to contribute

3. Check Pinterest to find something you can create & post on your local buy & sell (paintings, custom furniture, hand painted signs etc.)

4. Clean out your closet, literally. You'd be surprised by how much all those clothes are worth

5. Similarly, clean out your garage, storage shed, basement etc. and sell anything you no longer use

6. Organize a pub crawl and charge an entry fee

7. Give blood for two good causes (not necessarily right after the pub crawl)

8. Hold a bake sale or craft sale and use the profits toward your travel

9. Host a backyard fundraising gala and sell food, drinks and raffle tickets *(try to get everything donated)

10. Design T-shirts,caps or other items with a fun message of support and sell them. Luggage tags are a great idea *(contact us to use the GoWorldschool logo)

11. Are you or someone you know in a band? Plan a concert and sell tickets

12. Offer to take dares for money, what would your friends pay to see you shave your head?

13. Promote a sponsorship package to local businesses

14. Hold an event, charge admission and don't forget a refreshment stand (ideas: car wash, game day, movie night, haunted house etc.)

15. Create a viral challenge (those who accept can donate a lesser amount than those who don't accept the challenge) Think up a catchy # and go!

16. Sell anything you can think of at your events, chocolates, hot cocoa, branded water bottles etc.

17. Buy a popular item in bulk and resell for profit (nursery items in spring, holiday items in December)

18. Ask friends and family to donate their bottle refunds to your cause

19. Partner with a direct sales company to do an online party and split the profits

20. Hold an online "telethon", set a date to fill your social media feeds with information, videos etc. on the educational benefits of traveling and offer ways to donate throughout #GivingTuesday

21. If you or someone you know has any fitness experience you can create a workout series and sell spots

22. For students: ask a teacher to help you organize a dress theme where staff & students make a small donation to participate. Connect your worldschool destination to the theme, for example "Hawaiian week"

23. Host an art gallery night, ask local artists to donate a piece to your cause. Would be especially cool if they donated something with a travel theme

24. Do you have family or friends with a business? You can work with them to come up with unique items e.g.: a "Sarah Sees The World" sandwich or drink. You can cross promote on your social media pages and negotiate a percentage of sales for that item

25.Teach something! In the spirit of learning, create a one time class or an online course

26. Write an e-book, doesn't have to be long, just include some valuable information and voila, advertise and sell it across social media

27. Organize a trivia night, charge an entry fee & sell refreshments, have prizes donated *(perhaps partner with a local bar)

28. Party! Dance party, pool party, whatever kind of party blows your skirt up

29. Organize a speed dating

30. Themed dinner party (serve cuisine from your destination country, dress in traditional clothing)

31. Stud auction... gather your hottest buddies and let the bidding begin. Winners get to spend the rest of the evening with their prized stud

32. Grab a group of friends and do a beach cleanup, suggested donations might be 50 cents for every plastic water bottle, $1 for every Coke can or $5 for every syringe

33. Street performing, dress up and hit the streets with a donation bucket

34. Shut up. No really, shut up... if you're a Chatty Cathy, you might make a small mint by offering to shut up for a day

35. Eat your veggies. Many parents would pay for this, trust us

36. Request donations in lieu of birthday & holiday gifts

37. Get a seasonal job at a local farm (corn detassling is a rite of passage for youth in our hometown)

38. Give it up... seems simple but you can see incredible savings by simply giving up a habit

39. Invite friends and family over to review the destination options and include a small donation with their suggestion *(suggestions/donations can be submitted anonymously as well)

40. Sell coffee from your host country in your hometown or online. Make sure to include some info on your trip and what buyers are supporting

41. Organize a fun & educational "field trip" for your peers to highlight the benefits of worldschooling

42. Use a text donation service so donors can contribute right from their cell phones

43. Dog walk-a-thon or pet party (you'll need to offer refreshments for both human & furry friends)

44. Partner with your high school and host a picnic where you can sell lunch, snacks and promotional items (T-shirts etc) to support your trip. *Don't forget to display info

45. A lantern release is a cool way to fundraise for a SE Asian trip

46. Set up an online shop quickly and easily with Wix or Shopify to sell your own items or drop shipped items *(Be sure to include a straight up donation button)

47. Netflix & chill... donors contribute to stay home and veg in their pj's #winner

48. Contact organizations who offer trusts or grants for education (Rotary Club, Lion's Club International etc.)

49. Refer your adventurous friends to GWS and earn discounts and cash

50. Follow us on social media for giveaways

Bonus: This one also incorporates a steep learning curve so it's particularly rewarding... you could invest in crypto and use your profits to travel. (Only after becoming educated to a comfortable level. This is not financial advice, just encouragement to learn more about the future of money.)

The key to success with any of these ideas is your marketing strategy. The more ways you can find to promote your events the better. Create posters, ask local businesses if you can place ads/hold events in their establishment for cross promotion. There are many ways in which friends, family and companies can support you without spending a dime.