First Week of Expat Life

Finally finding a minute here for a quick update. This goes out to those friends who have expressed their jealousy of our move to Latin America 😂

If you're wondering where all my Snaps are of the cool sights, there aren't any. Snaps, that is... I'm sure the cool sights are out there somewhere. This move has been a huge undertaking in every sense imaginable. Packing up and moving 3 households that include a total of 5 pets and an aging parent has been exhausting to say the least. This experience has been nothing like our early worldschooling days where I simply sold our home and belongings and jumped on a flight. Oh no. Since my accident in 2014 we managed to become pretty settled in our state of limbo. After bringing our rescued potlicker home from Belize in 2013, we managed to attract 4 more rescue cats who we wouldn't give up for anything now. You can just imagine the airport scene... Well, no actually, I don't think in your wildest dreams you could imagine the bumbling chaos but I'm seriously considering strapping a GoPro to my chest for the rest of this adventure and just letting you see for yourself.

So, update. Here it is... first week in Mexico: so far I have seen exactly zero beaches. I have however seen plaza Los americas for one 17 year old's emergency need for a new swimsuit top. I've seen the local music store for Tristan's new guitar amp. I have seen PetCo Express, a few farmacias, Mega supermercado and several Walmarts. I've seen the inside of far too many taxis. I was happy to discover that plastic bags are no longer a thing here since my last visit. I also learned that I should hang the "bolsas verde" around my neck at all times so I remember to bring them with me to the store. (I now have a collection that reaches the ceiling.)

I'm remembering what walking for hours with arm loads of heavy bags feels like in extreme heat - thank goodness for my hours of hypnotherapy for stress and pain management.

Ooh, almost forgot. I also visited the AT&T store where we got a great deal. I have 10g data, unlimited data usage for social media (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Uber..) unlimited international text and picture texting and unlimited long distance calling throughout Mexico, the U.S. and Canada. The total cost? $20 CAD/mo! Can't beat the cell plans here.

Been asked a lot about where we are. We decided on Playa for the first month and then the plan is to move on to a more suitable location. Ideally a place abundant in nature and wildlife, less concrete and more sand, fewer taxis and more bicycles or even golf carts. My job (before I head to Panama) is to scout out that location. Suggestions welcome!

Fortunately(?) the sargassum is terrible here right now so we're not missing anything at the beach. I'll likely pay a visit to Isla Mujeres for a day this week and then run down to Bacalar to get a feel for things there.

I'm also happy that the crypto markets are pretty stable so I'm not missing out on any spectacular trades while I'm running around every day. I do anticipate some movement in the next couple of weeks though so I'd really like to get some of these bigger tasks behind me. Worse case we will have to extend our current Airbnb bookings for another month to buy more time. We just really hate where we are. My place is like a fortress with security every 10 feet. Getting a taxi in here or food delivery is a full time job it it's all I could find with 5 pets. Of course my mom and Julian have the nice place downtown. We're a 10 minute drive from them and taxis are currently limited to 2 passengers because of covid. It's a logistical nightmare.

Our concrete prison

I haven't mentioned the family drama that's going on with 2 of us not accustomed to traveling at all and needing stability in order to sleep at night and the rest of us anxious to be immersed in nature and adventure asap. It's getting pretty tense. As you may have experienced, the bigger the number in your travel party, the more drama you have and add to that an already dysfunctional family dynamic lol I'm kind of in the middle of it all trying to keep the murder rate down.

With that, I'm off to the quiet of the pool and garden area for some morning meditation. Maybe a gentle yoga stretch. I don't see my schedule slowing down anytime soon so I need to find my zen in order to get through the next little bit here. Wish me luck!