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Updated: Oct 23, 2018

As part of a new series on some of our "favourite things", we want to share this post from Global Guardian Project. Upon getting to know Rebecca Lane, the creator of GGP, we were really impressed by the passion she has for conservationism. Global Guardian Project is a nonprofit initiative who's mission is to help parents raise guardians of our planet. They offer learning tools which educate children on how to care for the earth, inspire positive habits in the whole family and create young change makers.

Here's a recent article published by Global Guardian Project, hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

4 Ways To Inspire Kids to be Global Guardians

The world needs more changemakers. Your child has the power to become a leader in protecting the planet and those who call it home. 

A child is never too young to be a Global Guardian. Encouraging our little ones to embrace leadership can transform the way they see the world and the positive impact they can make on it. They gain skills and values that will prepare them to take on the world with optimism. Most importantly, it inspires your children to be genuinely good, kind people as they grow up. Those are the qualities of a true Global Guardian. 

Here are four simple ways to inspire kids to be Global Guardians:

  1. Teach them responsibility. Leadership is all about stepping up and doing your part. You can build your child’s enthusiasm for leadership by giving them small responsibilities like setting the table, taking out the trash or watering the plants. Kids love feeling trusted with important tasks! By showing them the value of their actions in a larger scale, you give them the confidence to use small acts to help the family — and the world.

  2. Encourage teamwork. When you encourage children to play together, they will naturally collaborate. Whether it’s building sandcastles, solving puzzles or coloring with friends, any fun activity can build your little one’s communication skills and love for sharing. Teamwork will help them understand why every person and every opinion matters. At the same time, they will increasingly express the traits of a good leader, including empathy, respect and compassion.

  3. Inspire them with stories about leaders. Learning about the world’s changemakers can shape your child’s understanding of leadership. They will be inspired to help others, be brave and build a path toward big goals. It’s especially important for kids to learn about other leaders’ struggles. This will show your little ones that it’s more than possible to overcome challenges, as long as they persevere. They will feel unstoppable as they start their own leadership journey!

  4. Lead by example. Telling your kids how to be leaders isn’t as impactful as showing them. Embrace the values that you teach by showing enthusiasm for your roles and being kind to the people you meet. Better yet, volunteer with your child! Helping out at a local food bank or animal shelter is a great way for your little one to see the impact they make first-hand, with you right by their side.

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