Last Minute Mom Retreat!

Where my adventure moms at?! Travel with me to beautiful Acapulco, Mexico for a 5 day experience like no other as we attend Anarchapulco, the world's largest gathering of like minded, homeschooling, voluntary living "anarchists". Speakers include Ron Paul, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Luke Rudowski, Larken Rose, Andrew Napolitano, Cynthia McKinney and David Icke among many other liberty activists. Specific to homeschooling, there will be a Free Your Family Camp running throughout the entire 5 day event with speakers and family activities galore.

Optional add-on: travel up the coast with me to the Banderas Bay Area where we'll spend a night in Yelapa, the coolest little town in Mexico and then finish off our adventure in Sayulita, the world famous surf town. *Fly home from PVR


Anarchapulco: Check in to the fabulous Princess Mundo on Feb 13, 2019 and check out on Feb 18

Optional Add-on: Live up to your adventurous name and bus overnight with us on the 18th where we’ll spend the 19th in Yelapa, 20th in Sayulita then fly home from PVR on the 21st.

Cost & Whats Included?

Anarchapulco: $750 USD

Package includes: 5 nights shared accommodations at the gorgeous Princess Mundo Hotel in Acapulco, 1 main event ticket which also gives you access to Cryptopulco, Free Your Family Camp and probably a few cocktail parties. You'll make new, life changing connections as you network your way through this year's 3,000 attendees and get some much needed you time. Perfect opportunity to find your tribe!

Room Details: The Perla Ocean View room rests at the top floors of the tower overlooking the Pacific. Its exclusive design speaks for itself, contemporary Mexican with luxury accents, very subtle but designed to inspire a stylish and exclusive atmosphere. La Perla Ocean View can host 4 guests (485 ft.²)

Add-on: $100 USD

Includes: ground transportation, refreshments/snacks while en route & shared accommodations in Yelapa + Sayulita

What’s NOT included: International airfare in/out of Mexico, travel insurance and meals/drinks (other than your light refreshments & snacks on the road) but hey, it’s Mexico. There’s no shortage of economical food options.

If you’re like "Ok shut up right now, how do I get in on this?", go here: GWS Mom Retreat

If you’re digging the vibe of this event but want to make it a family affair, go here to buy your own event tickets and book a room at the Princess: Anarchapulco 2019, Life Unchained

I can't wait to see you there!

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