Next Stop, BELIZE!

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Kids in palm tree
Come hang out with us in Belize!

Join us as we explore the lush jungles and beautiful beaches of Belize. This small Central American country is perfectly situated to offer a perfect balance of both.

Rich in culture, history & wildlife, Belize is a jewel like no other. During our stay we will explore her natural beauty and learn how to preserve it. In the spirit of learning and conservation, we will:

🌴 Explore caves & ruins

🌴 Cook & drum with Garifuna & Mayan families

🌴 Study plant based medicine

🌴 Snorkel the world's 2nd largest barrier reef

🌴 Swim with rays, sharks & sea turtles

🌴 Lend a hand at Fort Dog (maybe adopt another potlicker?!)

🌴Observe manatees in their natural habitat

🌴Join a nighttime croc research expedition

🌴 Learn Spanish & Kriol from our local friends

🌴 Meet howler monkeys, tapirs & jaguars

🌴 Visit "The Split", site of Hurricane Hattie's destruction in 1961

🌴 Learn about ecosystems and conservation

🌴 Hone our math skills naturally as we calculate currency conversions and assist with the trip budget

🌴 Develop independence and leadership skills through action, responsibility, decision making and conflict resolution

This is definitely one to put on your resumé!

Our student retreats involve activities that provide real world lessons in a variety of subjects, including science, language arts, maths, geography, history, economics, civics. Some even delve into culinary arts, religion, music, business studies, media and tech. What they all have in common is the sense of community and belonging they invoke in our participants who may be more outside-the-box creators than classic textbook students. As well, every GWS trip involves some degree of philanthropy, which can sometimes be as simple as a forest/beach cleanup or loving on some shelter dogs. We feel it's important to give back to the communities we visit in an ethical, sustainable way.

Is a worldschooling retreat for you?

During our adventures, students are introduced to the fascinating world around them in a safe, group setting that, as in life, can be comprised of both like-minded as well as thought provoking individuals. Time away from family and routines can be a scary thing if you've never done it before but on the flipside it inspires personal development beyond anything that is typically achieved in everyday life at home. If you are open to new challenges, looking to see the world, grow and make new connections then yes! Worldschooling is definitely for you.

What about missing school?

Some parents may think four weeks is a long time to be away from the classroom but an opportunity like this to get out and see the world and interact with it is far more enriching than reading about it in a textbook. Most schools and teachers are happy to accommodate by either creating a folder of missed work and assigning a study partner to help students quickly get up to speed when they return or we've even seen some waive the regularly assigned work with just a quick debriefing of what was missed and actually give credit for the learning that takes place while away. Talk to your teacher and let us know if there's anything we can provide to help with a smooth absence.

Maybe four weeks is too long or Belize isn't your cup of tea. At GWS we provide a number of different experiences in order to match students with their interests because it's a fact that when students are interested and engaged, learning flows. Get in touch with us to find the right adventure for you.

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