Vegas Baby!

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Well, here it is, the announcement you've all been waiting for... our next Vegas trip! If you missed out on the last one, here's your chance to join us. It's one of our most popular and although it's one of our shorter trips and one of few on our calendar that doesn't include an element of service, it's packed full of learning opportunities.

Enjoy lessons in history, sociology, engineering, biology, physics, geology, ecology, climatology and economics within a small group of mixed age teens. Yes, you will enjoy these lessons! After we walk the famous strip and learn a little about desert life from days gone by, we'll visit Lake Mead aka "The Disappearing Lake" and take a walking tour inside the Hoover Dam, get a bird's eye view of the Grand Canyon from the SkyWalk if you're brave enough, stroll through the Joshua Tree Forest and check out Valley of Fire State Park where we can witness geological marvels like the Beehives and see remaining petroglyphs from the days of the Basket Makers and Anasazi groups (850-2000 yrs ago). A visit to the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement aka the "Mob Museum", will teach us how organized crime helped shape America (and it's connection to our hometown)! During the nature portion of this trip we'll be on the lookout for the elusive desert tortoise, bighorn sheep and mountain lions, as always in their natural habitat. Of course there'll be plenty of shenanigans (like zip lining Superman style down Freemont St) and maybe even a surprise or two.

This isn't even up on the website events page yet so if you want to secure your spot, send us an email asap. If you would like to see highlights from past Vegas trips, check out our Instagram and FB pages. Dates are September 21-30, 2019 and cost will be $1,250 USD (includes accommodations, meals, ground transportation and all activities).

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