Why We Don't Vote

Updated: Mar 21

Here I come, rolling up with my radical ideas again. Look away now if cognitive dissonance isn't on your agenda for today...

With all the buzz about our municipal elections yesterday I can't help but share my thoughts. One too many well-meaning "do your civic duty, get out and vote" FB posts did it for me. Being that Facebook is a cesspool of misinformation and divisiveness, I've become quite adept at honouring a smorgasbord of views and opinions no matter how skewed they may be and moving on. Social media is by design a tool to trigger emotional responses and I've been doing a good job lately of not falling for it, yet here I am.

My intent is not to divide or stir controversy, it is only to inspire further questioning of our system.

So when the polls opened yesterday did I go out and cast my vote? The answer is absolutely not and here's why:

  1. I will not endorse my own enslavement

  2. I will not legitimize a corrupt system

  3. I will not promote violence against others

  4. Even if I was a proud statist and thought government was a swell idea, my vote wouldn't matter anyway

  5. I would not rather be punched in the face OR kicked in the crotch... I would rather slam the door shut 🚪

It only takes a small percent of the population to stop participating in order to create real change. I mean stop participating, not stop voting just to clarify. Vote if you like. Until there are zero voters showing up, that part makes no real difference. The circus act will go on with or without you. It's an illusion of choice. As mentioned in video #2 below it's like being told you're about to be raped and then being asked which color condom you prefer. It's a fucking illusion. The only way out is to stop participating. If enough of us stop allowing the state to steal our money in the name of taxation and use it for things we don't agree with while dictating what harmless things we can and can't do, we would quickly take away their leverage. Just live your non-aggressive life and simply don't participate.

Contrary to popular opinion, anarchy is not chaos and disorder. It is more a live and let live philosophy. A few examples of not participating would be not paying taxes, not buying vehicle or dog tags, not registering your guns or not wearing a bicycle helmet if you really don't want to. You see, it's really not all that exciting. Just do your own thing and don't impose your will on anyone else. Okay, it's a little more complex than that but thankfully there are many enlightening books available on the principles of anarchy, self-ownership and voluntaryism if you'd like a better understanding of "who would build the roads".

"The Most Dangerous Superstition" written by my favourite anarchist, Larkin Rose is a good one as are "Practical Anarchy" and "Everyday Anarchy" by Canada's own Stephan Molyneux. I've dropped a few links below to give you a taste of their content. There's also a great children's series, "The Tuttle Twins" written by freedom fighter, Connor Boyack which does an excellent job of introducing young readers to the foundational principles of freedom through book topics like coercion, taxation and the Federal Reserve. We highly recommend these for children of all ages.

In the name of keeping these blog posts short and sweet, I have really just skimmed over what's on my mind today but hopefully it has given you a discussion point or two and inspires a bit of independent research into our democratic systems. Give some of my recommended reading/viewing a taste and ask yourself what resonates with you. That's all I'm asking.

*Edit: Very interesting to note 3 of the the links below lead to deleted YouTube accounts. I thought about removing and updating the links but on second thought, I decided to leave them there as the perfect example of what we are discussing.

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