Worldschooling 101

Spend 3 weeks with us in fun filled Nayarit, MX where you'll 

study local culture, ecosystem, history & language. We'll explore caves, jungles, beaches & historic towns, study marine life by observing whales calving and (pod willing) swim with dolphins in their natural habitat, rappel down waterfalls, zip line, surf, ride mules, camp out under the stars as well as help the local community and wildlife through initiatives like the street animal assistance program, turtle camp, croc farm etc. This is a bestseller and won't last long! 

Closest international airport: PVR - Puerto Vallarta, MX 

Includes: GT, accommodations, meals, activities/lessons

Duration: 3 weeks

Date: TBD

Best suited for ages: All

Physical Challenge: 


Thailand Homestay & Volunteer

Enjoy the rich culture of Thailand like a local in a 6 wk homestay program where we'll learn about the country's main trades, visit historic temples, ancient ruins & breathtaking waterfalls. We'll also fish & swim among the many islands, learn to cook delicious thai food with our host family, attend the traditional Loi Krathong festival and of course... play with elephants! Get wet as we bathe & care for these gentle beasts and then engage in the equally important tasks of vital ecological research, biodiversity mapping, community integrated human-elephant conflict resolution & assessing elephant numbers. 

Closest international airport: CNX - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Includes: GT, accommodations, meals, activities/lessons

Duration: 6 weeks

Dates: TBD

Best suited for ages: 14+

Physical Challenge: 3


Polar Bear Town

Experience firsthand the awe-inspiring wildlife of Churchill, MB. Located in Northern Canada, this remote town is the backdrop for OLN's Polar Bear Town series. During our visit, we'll come face to face with wildlife like the arctic fox, caribou, snowy owls and of course the magnificent polar bear...all in their natural environment. Learn about the plight of these adorable yet mischievous creatures as we track their migration. Also meet locals, learn about the fur trade and hear from biologists. Perhaps we'll even catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights on this once in a lifetime adventure.  

Closest international airport: Winnipeg International Airport, YWG

Includes: GT, accommodations, meals, activities/lessons

Duration: 7 days

Date: TBD

Best suited for ages: All

Physical Challenge: 4


Belize Eco Retreat

Study the diverse ecosystems of this small but beautiful Central American country. From lush rainforests to white sand beaches, Belize is rich in wildlife, flora, history and culture. Get acquainted with the Garifuna and Maya cultures as we cook, drum, explore caves and ruins and study traditional plant based medicine. Then we'll head into the jungle to meet howler monkeys, tapirs & jaguars. Grab your swimsuits because you're going to get wet. For the 2nd half of this retreat we're heading over to the cayes to snorkel the world's second largest barrier reef, swim with sharks, stingrays and sea turtles, get up close with manatees and go on a night croc tour. We'll also learn Spanish & Kriol with the friendly locals as we soak up the island culture. 

Closest international airport: Philip S.W. Goldson, BZE

Includes: GT, accommodations, meals, activities/lessons

Duration: 4 weeks

Date: TBD

Best suited for ages: All

Physical Challenge: 3


Great Canadian Adventure, Eh?

They don't call this God's country for nothing. Soak in all the beauty and clean air the Haliburton Highlands have to offer as you live and breathe Canada for 4 weeks.This super laid back summer trip includes visits to the Wolf Education Centre and Watershed Wonders. There'll be plenty of time for paddle boarding, cliff jumping and kayaking the many waterways of this pristine area between organized outings. Prepare to be moved by our native history, eloquently told by a local elder. Study plant based medicine, stargaze at the local observatory and complete a 1/2 day canopy tour. Watch out for wolves, bears and moose as we ride horseback through one of the area's most scenic national parks. Daily French lesson+immersion, hot topic discussions, fishing, swimming, evening bonfires, the culinary art of cookouts and regular movie nights add to the community vibe of this retreat. 

Closest international airport: Toronto, YYZ

Includes: GT, accommodations, meals, activities/lessons

Duration: 4 weeks

Dates: TBD

Best suited for ages: 12 & up

Physical Challenge: 3


Haunted History

For this brief but action packed adventure we'll set up shop in a remote cottage along the coast of Massachusetts. By day we'll take in the rich, creepy history of the area as we partake in various tours and fun scavenger hunts and by night we'll turn into expert paranormal investigators, crashing the parties of the local spirits who still roam the earth. We'll take a trolley tour through haunted Boston and walk up Plymouth's oldest streets to witness the first form of epitaphs & folkart carvings on tombstones. Learn about early burial customs, Puritan traditions, and the origin of burial tombs. We'll also take part in "Ouija", a private tour of Boston Harbour's most famous ghost ship, the SS Salem. Do you have what it takes?

Nearest International Airport: Boston, BOS

Includes: GT, accommodations, meals, activities

Duration: 5 days

Dates: TBD

Best suited for ages: 15 & up (brave guests of all ages welcome)

Physical Challenge: 2 (walking)


Roots, Rock, Reggae

This one's for the music lover (and the historian and the philanthropist...) So much more than just sunny beaches. "Come back to Jamaica" with us as we explore the roots of reggae music and the Rastafari religion right in Trench Town, the birthplace of reggae and long time home of music legend, Bob Marley. Coincidentally, the first week of February the island is taken over by music festivals and other celebrations in honour of Marley's birthday and February is reggae month so we're sure to hear some of the best the island and the world have to offer. We'll visit the somewhat cheesy but thoroughly inspiring Bob Marley museums and tour the early home of the man himself and see where all the magic happened. We'll also soak up some culture, history & agricultural knowledge as we tour plantations and head for the hills to get a taste of the country's world famous Blue Mountain coffee. A reading road trip, turtle nesting, beach cleanup and marine discovery tour will uplift you through the uplifting of others. Our 2 week stay will leave plenty of time for all the other richness Jamaica has to offer like river safaris where we'll get up close and personal with native birds and crocs, zip lining, waterfalls, natural drop slides and of course, what trip to Jamaica would be complete without folk tales, food, Jamaican bob sledding, cliff diving and a lesson in Jamaican Patois? Yeah dis trip a guh be mawd, si yuh inna Jamrock! 

Closest International Airport: Montego Bay (MJB)

Includes: GT, accommodations, meals, activities/lessons

Duration: 14 days

Dates: TBD

Best suited for ages: all

Physical Challenge: 2 (some hiking)


Mystery Adventure

Will it be exotic wildlife, art, history, thrills or enlightenment? Are you daring enough to commit to this mystery trip and leave the details to us? This 10 day retreat will keep you guessing right up until you book your flight! We'll be dropping hints on social media in the months and weeks leading up to departure so be sure to follow us. The only thing is, once it's full, you forfeit your chance to join us for this epic adventure! To add to the excitement, you can earn yourself up to $300 off the cost of your booking by guessing the destination. Yep, guess it before we drop the 3rd clue and you will only pay $1200. Exciting! Guess it correctly before the 4th clue and you can still save $200, 5th clue will get you $100 off your booking. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube for clues! 

*In the spirit of mystery, your destination and full description of this retreat will be made available only AFTER booking and full payment is received. We can tell you this will be an all ages trip full of fun, real life learning alongside some really cool people that, like you, are up for anything :)

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Closest International Airport: ?

Includes: GT, accommodations, meals, activities/lessons

Duration: 10 days

Dates: TBD

Best suited for ages: all

Physical Challenge: 2