If you're going to consider adventuring with us or more importantly, sending your children off on one of our trips, you'll probably want to know a little more about who we are as a family. In a nutshell, we're an edgy, neurodiverse family from Ontario, Canada who share a passion for travel and freedom. With one already out of the nest and inspired by our middle son's strong intolerance for an outdated public school system, we decided to pack it in and hit the road back in 2011. Tristan helped me realize that average just isn't who we are and so the journey began. The outcome of our decision to slow travel was life changing. The kids learned things that aren't easily taught in a classroom. (For example what 24 hrs without access to clean drinking water feels like.) We also learned that classroom material isn't always relevant in life and that balance is a wonderful thing. This is why we want to share our lifestyle with you. When you adventure with us you'll return home with a fresh spark, a little wiser and more inquisitive. You'll also bring with you the best souvenir imaginable, a brand new perspective of the world and it's inhabitants. 

- Mandy

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